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Millionaire Outsmarts Auto Mechanics With Genius New Device!


Automend Pro Is The Future of Auto Maintenance and Repair

Bruce is an eccentric millionaire. He has plenty of money, but he does not like to waste it.

Last month, Bruce received a call from his wife while he was on business travel. A mechanic billed her for $12,000 in repairs on her car.

When he returned home, he discovered that the cheating mechanic had done almost no work, but swapped out parts of the car that were fully functional.

Bruce could immediately tell it was a clear case of bad mechanics taking advantage of unsuspecting victims.

Bruce became furious. Crooked mechanics had become a huge problem. Now that cars had become more technically advanced, it became easier and easier to cheat unsuspecting consumers. Bruce asked around and the same had happened to friends and their families.

Bruce sensed a wonderful opportunity to help protect not only his loved ones but all the good people who might be at the mercy of a crooked mechanic.

He immediately hired the best engineers and programmers available to build and design Automend Pro. This is a device and app that instantly troubleshoots your car or truck using a little-known connector that is included by law in every car made since 1996.

This port is called an OBD II and is known to all mechanics, but not to regular car owners.

The reality is there are a thousand reasons why the “check engine” light could come on and mechanics without scruples can take advantage of that to overcharge.

At least that was the case until Automend Pro was created! Now every car owner can stop crooked mechanics in their tracks.

With Automend Pro, you can have your car or truck's problems listed and detailed in seconds, right to your phone. All in plain English.

Automend Pro Is The Future of Auto Repairs and The Defender Of Your Family and Friends From Crooked Mechanics


Simply open the app on your phone or iPad and know instantly the status of your car.

  • The mechanical problem, a simple blown fuse, or another problem?
  • What's the normal way to repair it?
  • What have others paid for the same repair?
  • How urgent is the repair?
  • Even turn off your “Check Engine” light for minor problems!

Before you take your car or truck in for repairs, Automend Pro tells you exactly what is wrong and puts you in the driver’s seat with your auto repair place and your mechanic.

Automend Pro immediately gets a complete update on your vehicle with its year and model. If there are any mechanical or other issues with your car or truck, they are instantly displayed on your phone. You will have all your maintenance and other stats available.

CHECK ENGINE LIGHT: Never be worried about that scary light again as Automend Pro will tell you exactly why that light is on. You can even turn it off easily using once you know the issue. You can take your vehicle in for repairs and only request what you need to be done.

Automend Pro puts in your hand the full power and control over your vehicle and knows what you need done. That is awesome and was never before available in such detail to non-mechanics!

Next time you see the mechanic, you tell them what to do and not the other way around.

BEST THING TO REMEMBER: Preventive maintenance is where you take care of things before they break down and Automend Pro gives you the power to do that; it reminds you when maintenance is not just suggested, but needed. Keep your car from breaking down BEFORE A SMALL PROBLEM BECOMES A BIG EXPENSIVE ONE!

SAVE MONEY: More effective management of fuel consumption is the best way to save money daily. Automend Pro allows you to see statistics that impact fuel consumption by you and anyone that drives your vehicle. This allows you to monitor and adjust the amount of fuel you use and save money.

LOCATION: Automend Pro has a unique feature that quickly and easily allows you to locate your car. That means no matter where you park your car, you will find it easily!


Automend Pro is a simple, easy-to-use device that plugs into your vehicle’s OBD II port and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It will tell you everything that a sneaky service manager doesn’t want you to know.

  • Works on all makes and models of vehicles made since 1996
  • Has over 7,000 error codes to tell you EXACTLY what is wrong
  • Tells you what other people have paid for similar repairs
  • Cannot be fooled by tape, markers, or missing bulbs
  • Free, easy to use app for iOS and Android devices

You Never Have To Worry About Being Scammed By A Dealer's Service Department Again! Get Your Automend Pro Today!

People Are Saving Thousands Of Dollars With Automend Pro



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